on the train

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Hello isn`t it great you can go online whilst on the train!I have just enjoyed a hot chocolate,talked to my parents and sister,and as its a full (some standing)train I am sat apart from my family next to three very well behaved individuals,and I am pretending the noisy 3 children constantly going to the toilet just so they can play with the doors…are nothing to do with me!Thankyou to jeff for taking us to the station and it was great kirsty came along too.The kids have a tesco bag full of sweets that they are getting through at lightening speed,I`m suprised one of them havnt been sick yet!!least we`ll have tesco bags at the ready.Everyone seems excited,Seth has just been told to keep his voice down,and is playing his ipod a little loud,lets hope this carriage likes lady Gaga!Darcy and Flora are both drawing and playing quizzes with each other,Hamish is reading,and I might take this rare opportunity to relax and have a nap..may I drift off to the dulcit tones of lady gaga!!!cu soon love Rach.

packing up

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We are packing again to fly to Honduras.As ever in our house hold life is manic up until the train leaves for London! but it will get there !thankfully someone is living in our house and feeding the Macdonald zoo,and most importantly taking care of our beloved caravan(ha! will it still be standing on our return!)Picking up kids school work today the kids groaned about it..but it will be done!looking forward to seeing friends in London and living out of rucksacks and sunshine.See you soon.Rachel.

Leaving England Again!!!!

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Well we are packing up again and off on our travels back to Honduras, alas only for 8 weeks.