animal encounters

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Hi it is late andI want to go to bed but thought I`d spend a few moments talking about my kids favorite subject…animals!! indeed all the kids were delighted with 2 kittens found here..after telling my kids for weeks( and the point laboured after every rabies jab !!) we are all cooing over scabby kittens with gummed up eyes and our kids are playing with them and obtain some scratches by the fiesty wild things!!our freinds tell us not to worry so we wont too much!!


Today we went to a pet shop to see pythons ,spiders and other creatures that parents hate and kids love…isnt this a lovely picture of man and beast in perfect harmony…


Seth thinks of himself as a bit of a steve urwin..and is trying to lift the tortoise…actually to look at its bum..and is trying to feed it..( not with his little sisters)..I said “its fine we used to have a tortoise and they are really sweet…it wont hurt you……..” tortoise turns nasty.”.I`m coming to get you!”


..killer turtle plants a bite right on the end of his finger..Seth bit me very hard..tears roll..but he is very brave and shows his blood to the camera so hopefully his mates at school can see yet another scar.Goodnight.


Delaware USA

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Hi some more updates and pictures for you all..the first is of us waiting to board the plane and hamish captured me talking to my mum

We had a wonderful evening with charlotte and her extended family..the kids made a fire and we cooked hotdogs and my children were shown how to make toasted marshmellows..gorgous..though our inexperience resulted in a few.”.marshmellows are on fire mum”!!!..and floras sausage was doing great till it fell to the ground!!! a great fun evening very chilled people do this lots round here apparantly!!we do look a bit like gypsies in the photos..but hey weve just had an email from my dad saying “calling all gypsies”!!!

I think you`ll find travellers is more PC!! The children had thier first recorder lesson from mum..a travelling trio..I hope to put them to work busking if times get hard!!!the kids were quick to learn and enjoyed making music(??) shame everyone within a 5 mile radius didnt fully appreciate the joys of creative play ( what possessed me to bring recorders…we might swap to harmonica lessons on route!)


We visited fort delaware and had a great history lesson in the American cicil war( whoops..the Civil war )Seth was delighted with a shooting show..and scrambling round the prisons…on the way back across from the ferry there was a car show and the kids were able to go on fire engines and army is our son..role playing some death and destruction…its what 10 yr olds do best!!


we then went on to some fab gardens which were so beautiful I could of stayed there forever..our freinds got a family pic so we thought we would send you all proof that we are all still alive..if not a little weary!!love to all who reads this God bless..thanks for your comments it makes us miss you more but warms our hearts to hear from good freinds.Rachel and Clan xx


The arrival

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The journey..started with Jeff taking us to Liverpool..we ate great salt and pepper chips from the chippie in Walton and sat in Aldi car park..we had an hour to spare Hamish got the time wrong an hour early! a miracle!!so we got to the station calm and not running down the platform waving frantically at the train in our usual style!!the train to London was great..parents ..its a wonderful thing to do with your kids..modern trains..Seth kept opening the doors just by placing his hands on a sensor in the was play star wars all the way!! Darcy on the other hand…was pretending she was in dr whos tardis in the toilet..which brings me onto the highlight of this trip..electric doors on toilets!!!seth was messing aboutwith the buttons outside the loo..and to his horror…daddy was sat on the loo..I heard hamish shout!! I was about to tell seth off for being silly but could not contain myself it was a magic moment..and I think Hamish will lock doors in future but its a trick worth trying kids!!Getting across London at 11 oclock at night with kids and far too much luggage and heavy rugsacks..was hot..and tiring..but had some laughs..some American tourists wanted to take a picture of Flora..they asked her so kindly ..”may we take your photo” she said no and turned her which Seth piped up “you can take mine!”which they did whilst he was pulling his best zombie face..the carriage was having a good old giggle at our 3 all pulling faces at these very freindly Americans!!will they let us in to the states?we safely got to our freinds ..Alex and Alethia’s house..we were greeted by home cooking at midnight..they are so great! thankyou so much!Morning comes and Rachel turns into neurotic shaking pathetic creature..planes dont fly in my mind only crash!!talked to my mum who tells me God is in complete control..this I know but stomach is telling me otherwise..Hamish got me to go in the cockpit with the kids to meet the captain..he said it would did!! the captain ( and the co pilot!)were so handsome I forgot I was in a plane immediately!!! wonderful.The flight was good.. films great, virgin airlines couldnt fault…we land in America I could cry with relief and excitement we are here and its happening..and it feels very liberating.We meet an Irish couple who were visiting thier daughter..ask us about our trip they are so supportive of what we are doing..which is nice it beats the ” with kids:!! reaction ..we exchange emails….travelling really is about the people you meet.We get through immigration..perhaps easier and less questions now Hamish has no dreadlocks..I chopped his hair in the garden the day we left.We were met by Charlotte and her father and travelled to Delaware..and chatted..great to be reunited with her and later her husband Oscar and thier 4 gorgeous kids.They live in a great wooden house with load s of land and a chicken farm..comfy beds and lots of food weare going to be fine here..its scary though the kids have started asking for soda !!more soon early start tomorrow..send photos and God bless Rachel.