Hello and happy new year to you all. We flew yesterday from NZ to Vanuatu a group of Islands in the South Pacific..looks lovely but havn`t explored much yet.We are here for a week then back to NZ to catch a flight to OZ.The islands here are ruled by chiefs and you need to get thier permission to go on thier island…totally different way of life..very relaxed..we are pleased it runs on Macdonald time!Looking for a nice place by the water to eat tonight to bring in the new year..never done new year by the beach..think it will be great.It is very hot and wet..we are in rainy season..it is 31 celsius…rainy much of the time..and 80% humidity..hard to sleep..but thankfully have a fan in our room..which helps despite sounding like a helicopter!The children enjoyed mum and dad frantically trying to kill the most enormous flying cochroach sat on the wall near sleeing Flora..I had almost forgotten about tropical sized creatures due to civilized NZ!and what a joy it was to drink water out of a tap!I am thankful the children remain in good health and spirits they have missed home at Christmas time..but are enjoying all the bizarre and wonderful experiences.I hope they will not be too bored when we return..I think it will be an adjustment for them.Oh Hamish got a speeding fine in NZ..rather quiet for the rest of the day..as was his driving!!We all went to hot water beach that day..at low tide you dig a hole in the sand that fills up with boiling thermal water..fantastic the kids loved it.Hope to post some pics of cook islands and New Zealand we have found a good internet cafe in Vanuatu overlooking the harbour..it had movie night last night..they put up a screen and it was Star Wars..Seth was impressed!so we will post later..thanks for all that write to us..take care Happy New Year the Macdonalds.XXX