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Finding nemo in Malaysia

Posted by on 14 Mar 2008 | Tagged as: Malaysia, On the road

Well off we went for a lively couple of days in Kuala Lumpur, a vibrant city..walked around in awe of huge buildings..interesting mosques…and general chaos of a large city. We headed to the west coast to Terengganu for a few wet days!!Darcy wasn’t too well with a cold sinus we stayed put a couple of days to rest and we has a fairly ok room for a good price.We then went north east to catch a boat to the Perhentian Islands..the boat trip was very rocky..only half an hour…but got soaking wet..glad we all took travel sick pills!Well it was worth it when we got there..crystal clear water white sand backed by beautiful unspoiled cars on the islands..just wildlife and a few tourists!the first day we saw monkeys in the trees..lovely.We spent much of our time in the sea snorkelling..and saw nemo fish in abundance..much to the delight of the kids.Also spotted were parrot fish..huge humped nose parrot fish (huge!) a blue spotted stingray..a turtle..a reef shark and leopard was such a colourful world..fantastic to see..wanted to stay..Forever!!We met some lovely people doing diving courses…and a marine biologist who told Seth where to find the sharks!we are now making a rather arduous trip to Singapore..including a night bus..and lots of hours waiting in between connections..soon off to Borneo for a week…so I will hopefully write again then..enjoy the photos of these lovely islands!love to you all Rachel.

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OK in Malaysia

Posted by on 06 Mar 2008 | Tagged as: Malaysia, On the road

Hi just to say we are all ok..there are some more blogs and posts in the pipeline..but Paul the hero who helps us do this..(contact him for any internet design and stuff!)has been busy moving and the computer has been packed these will emerge soon!Just to let you know we left Austrailia and arrived in Singapore..which was great..but couldnt afford to stay there long.We visited the city harvest church of 23,000 people which was amazing..would have loved to have spent longer with them.Now we are travelling through Malaysia..a strong muslim country..very different..and the kids have been great at adapting to curry for is very good and cheap but I am craving weetabix!hope to visit some islands off the east coast today..but it is so wet and the sea rough for crossing we are wondering whether to wait a day or two..also Darcy is bunged up and feeling pretty grotty….so maybe another night in this hotel..a lovely big room..not posh but we have bed space which is lovely!so will update to you all Rachel Hamish Seth Darcy and Flora.

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