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our freinds

Posted by on 13 May 2007 | Tagged as: Delaware

Hi thought you all might like to see our freinds and thier kids.We first met charlotte in Honduras in 1997..she was helping in a mission close to where we were..we invited her to our place..and got along great…charlotte has a great sense of fun and a big heart..we all spent a lot of time together including the terrible time of hurricane mitch.In the orphanage where we were was where she met Oscar…. a Honduran worker in the orphanage..who was also a great guy a great worker with the kids…well to cut a long ( actually not that long!!) story short we watched the romance blossom and 2 months after we left for the uk they were married!!they now have 4 of the most gorgeous kids you`ve ever seen….not just in looks but in lovely little I`ll show you some photos of the” cafe con crema kids”…oscars quote meaning coffee with cream in spanish!Its great to see them parenting thier kids so well..and both of them doing well and happy .They have a very peaceful home.. busy but peaceful….we will miss them when we go…and hopefully they will come and stay in England and we will drive them everywhere too!!ALWAYS WELCOME !!





For more pictures of our outings and of our friends please visit their blog at The photos there are bigger and easier to see, since we have not learned how to make our photos larger yet.

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Fun in the garden

Posted by on 09 May 2007 | Tagged as: Delaware

Hi..will let you see some photos of charlotte and Oscars huge garden..or should I say collection of fields!Hamish likes mowing the lawn better than at home..I think due to the fact that he uses a tractor..and boys like thier toys..he takes a child or 2 and calls it childcare!!the kids love it!!The kids helped make cookies and charlotte made strawberry pie which we are eating now good food!! went into macdonalds and ordered a coffee “what size mam!” I said small..and they guy said you can get a large for the same price so I said I`d have a large thankyou!!..well it cost about 30p and was the size of a large coke…I started giggling..saying it was REALLY large…he looked at me with a here`s a strange little english mad person look on his face..but totally impressed..shared it with Charlotte..great value!!Anyway getting back to the garden..played in paddling pool today..and the kids found fresh snake skin…they were so excited Hamish decided to go on a snake hunt through the woods!! boots on insect repellant on..and a big stick to fight off anacondas!!..sadly the only thing that was found was a deer skull..pretty cool..and Hamish came back bitten to death by mosquitos…they think he`s pretty tasty out here!..we booked some tickets today to fly from LA to Guatamala city for eight pounds !!! that will save much trecking in Mexico…we were reading a funny but scary story about bandit activity along the rd we were to travel on.It happened to Hamish and I before we had kids but dont fancy it with 3 blond kids..we had planned to do it but with these tickets being so seems like a good option..and its a good budget airline here in the in a short while when we have purchased a car we will be travelling across to california..we will keep you posted of the route we plan to take. ( pray its a good one….Ham phoned about one you needed a screwdriver to start it…we had a car like that once).Hopefully it wont be that one!!Keep posting..oh the youth at southport elim church are the best!!thanks for all your comments its great to be in touch with are all fab..lots of love Rachel Hanish and Rascals.



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animal encounters

Posted by on 07 May 2007 | Tagged as: Delaware

Hi it is late andI want to go to bed but thought I`d spend a few moments talking about my kids favorite subject…animals!! indeed all the kids were delighted with 2 kittens found here..after telling my kids for weeks( and the point laboured after every rabies jab !!) we are all cooing over scabby kittens with gummed up eyes and our kids are playing with them and obtain some scratches by the fiesty wild things!!our freinds tell us not to worry so we wont too much!!


Today we went to a pet shop to see pythons ,spiders and other creatures that parents hate and kids love…isnt this a lovely picture of man and beast in perfect harmony…


Seth thinks of himself as a bit of a steve urwin..and is trying to lift the tortoise…actually to look at its bum..and is trying to feed it..( not with his little sisters)..I said “its fine we used to have a tortoise and they are really sweet…it wont hurt you……..” tortoise turns nasty.”.I`m coming to get you!”


..killer turtle plants a bite right on the end of his finger..Seth bit me very hard..tears roll..but he is very brave and shows his blood to the camera so hopefully his mates at school can see yet another scar.Goodnight.


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