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Roatan in Honduras, Raratonga and pictures from the Cook Islands

Posted by on 02 Jan 2008 | Tagged as: Central America, Cook Islands, General, Honduras

Roatan in Honduras

beach at west bay
beach at west bay

Flora is holding a night monkey
Flora is holding a night monkey

Seth with Iguana
Seth with Iguana



Sea View

Cook Islands

Hey yesterday we saw a stone fish ahh

the beach near where we stayed
the beach near where we stayed

Seth feeding fish in the sea
Seth feeding fish in the sea

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Journey to LA.

Posted by on 26 Nov 2007 | Tagged as: Central America, On the road

We had a very tearful goodbye at the finca..cried all the way down to teguc..awful..but we must visit
them all again soon.Miss them already.Our trip through El Salvador wasn’t the greatest..it was hot
full of exhaust fumes and crowded beyond belief..we all felt really ill..and it continued for the whole
two days!we even woke up sick..but its over now!!we had one funny incident on the way flora
needed the toilet bad..tummy trouble…the bus stopped thankfully and we had to pay to use a very
ropey hotel toilet!well there was no water to flush so I had to use a bucket to fetch water to pour
down to flush it..it wouldn’t work..so I started to have a fiddle to see if I could fix it(bad move!not
blessed with plumbing skills stick to the arty stuff!)well something flew off and I was hit in the face
with a forcefull jet of water which wouldn’t stop!!well I collapsed laughing poor flora didn’t know
what had hit her..I was soaked through and had to keep my finger on the offending tube..whilst
screaming for help to the young girl next door!!who came and smiled meekly at the helpless wet
gringo!!she said to leave it..we went back to the bus hair dripping wet..Hamish wondered what on
earth had happened to me!!at least I was cooled down.Arrived in Guatemala and caught our flight
without any problem it was nice to touch down safely in LA and be met by friends at the
airport.Great to feel cool air..but still very sunny..lots of burnt hillsides around and buildings leveled
due to the fires..we didn’t hear about them until a few weeks ago..thankfully our friends house was
OK.Last week we had a lovely time in Roaran…we stayed with a wonderful Iranian family they were
so hospitable.Had fun on the beach..got bitten by sandflies..I was walking around in an antihistamine
daze for a couple of days!!For those that like laughing at other peoples misfortunes you
are gonna like this!!!we got up at 5am for the7am boat…got to the port for 6 ish.Found out we
couldn’t pay by visa..so Hamish had to bomb it down to the town to get money out the cash
machine..he arrived back to see the boat depart!!he then told me the bank wouldn’t give him any
money..it wouldn’t recognize his card!!!he had to go back to our friends house to ask for the money
back we had given them to say thankyou!!(the shame!!!!)he was cool about it..but it was just
enough to get us on the next boat…at 2pm!!so we didn’t even have the money for a taxi back to our
friends..or any food or drink!!so 7 hours wait at the port tired hungry thirst in tropical heat..was not
our best of days..but we kept our spirits up and reminded ourselves we would laugh about it one
day(in many years time!!!)we are setting off for the cook islands tonight..long flight..and all suffering
with upset tummies..we are taking antibiotics..but hope we will all feel healthier soon.Love to you
all..miss you want to come home for Christmas!I will send some photos of Roatan..went to an Iguana
farm which was fun!love Rachel.xxxxxx

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Soon to Roatan

Posted by on 19 Nov 2007 | Tagged as: Central America, Honduras, On the road


Floras birthday was a fun day of opening presents.She sleepy in until 10am!I dream of a birthday like that!!


We went out for the kids favorite dinner in the village..at a cheap and cheerful commodore..we had pupusas..tortillas stuffed with cheese..and an anafre..refried beans with stretchy cheese cooked over charcoal..and you eat it with fried tortillas..its yummy.Hamish had a typical plate..of rice beans..sour cream..meat and salad.



We then went up the mountain to our friend evas house..for a delicious cake..and a piñata


you hit it until all the sweets fall out..great fun. Flora got her nose pushed in the cake before we ate it..a local tradition!


Seth improved on his machete skills..cutting wood and grass with one of the workmen called Oscar.


Whilst in the café we were laughing about Spanish soap operas..they are on in the background everywhere you go.The leading lady is always crying hysterically..and dressed like they are on their way to the `Oscars`..normally they have dyed their naturally dark hair a weird shade of blonde.A fight breaks out every few minutes and furniture is always smashed..its so overacted its like a comedy sketch..it actually makes neighbours look like Shakespeare..its so funny it always lifts our spirits..but everyone wonders why we are laughing…I reckon they would find british TV pretty dull!Well we are soon leaving will be sad..we are off to Roatan an island off the Caribbean coast of honduras..its gorgeous..crystal clear water..palm trees..Iguanas on the beach(seth will love it)Cant wait for the break..we`ll send you photos.Keep us in your prayers as we travel many hours on buses and planes in the next few weeks!Love to you all Rachel and Clan.PS Our car was sold in the states..great news..our friend Ed sold it and sorted it out..the totally ace family we stayed with in the states.I don’t think we have met kinder people in a long time..they are a tremendous witness for God in the way that they live.Write again soon.

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