Well we have spent a week here and it has been wonderful would love to come back some day.Kuching(cat city) is so pleasant and you can walk everywhere which is great.It is a laid back safe place, and wandering down the river is so pretty especially in the evening.The highlights were seeing a cultural village with longhouses..where the kids learnt how to use blow pipes..like the headhunters..they were very good at it..we have packed a few to bring back for children in UK so watch out parents!We saw orangutans ..monkeys of different varieties..which the children loved..such naughty and entertaining creatures!We visited a crocodile farm which was great..feeding time was terrifying..as were the photos of people being cut out of crocs stomachs..very gruesome!!they are a problem here at times.Talking of crocs..Bako national park was great apart from you had to get in a little boat and go down a river then estuary for twenty minutes to be dropped off at a beach to wade to shore…the beware of crocodiles sign unerved me somewhat..but hey we are all still here.We were greeted by very naughty monkeys..and spotted the very unusual prosperos monkey with its strange nose.Withinn five minutes Seth was delighted to find a pit viper!!!a gorgeous looking snake but not one to mess with..check out the photos..got some good ones!!We did a three and a half hour jungle walk which was great and Darcy dodging tree roots and water nearly stepped on a python..what a commotion..they were so excited..thankfully it wasnt too big..they werent in danger of being swallowed.We also visited another national park gunung gading to see the worlds largest flower and do some walking had a great day..enjoying the jungle and all its noises and waterfalls..then we cooled off in a clear waterhole for a swim..lovely!We also visited some amazing caves..pitch black..huge and full of bats..all the kids needed a torch so of course it was a hit with them!!accomodation..food and transport here is very good and very cheap..if you have adventurous children.Borneo is the place to come!off to singapore tonight then India..take care all love and God bless Rachel and clan.

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