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We are enjoying a slice of paradise,suffering sunburn and creature bites is a minor nuisance.Been doing some great snorkelling straight off the beach onto the reef.It is very lovely.We all saw a gorgeous turtle today who was happy for us to watch him munching on some sea grass,and didnt mind us swimming right next to him,great experience.Hamish sadly missed out on that today as he has been visiting the toilet rather too frequently and isnt feeling too great poor guy.My mum has had a dodgy tum too,we are thankful for two loos…grim.They are drinking lots and hopefully on the mend soon.Seth completed his PADI open water diving certificate today which we are all pleased about,especially him,he got the course for his birthday and has enjoyed the experience.Enjoying sitting on the jetty watching the sun go down each evening.The music of choice round here seems to be Bob Marley..of course,and Shania Twain!well I need to go to bed all this relaxing is exausting..been going to bed at between 7and 8,but the cockeral wakes us up at some obscene hour.Night ,will try and upload photos if not you can look on rachel macdonalds facebook.Bye God bless Rachel Hamish and all the kids.

The clan on the road again.

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Hi we made it to Honduras after an arduous collection of three flights,sleeping on an airport floor and a vomiting all the way there child(darcy again!!).We travelled to la ceiba on a bus then all 7 of us(my mum and Dad are with us) and all the luggage got into one small car with no suspension,no petrol and had to be started in a hotwiring fashion.Love it.We survived rather crummy hotel and got the boat to Roatan for holidays.We are here,it is much more commercialized than before and very pricey but lovely.Got sunburnt yesterday snorkelling etc.We were the whitest family on the beach and left the reddest,typical Brits!We are in a basic but clean and cute wooden blue house with three bedrooms,and a porch with a hammock.Very nice and quiet,we have been going to sleep around 7.30 and woken by the very noisy cockeral early morning.Went shopping for groceries in coxen hole today,so should be able to russle a good feast tonight.Seth is off on a diving course today.he wanted to do his PADI certification for his birthday,so we left him studying and trying on wetsuits.He will have fun.Whilst snorkelling over the reef yesterday Flora was so excited that she had seen a turtle,which popped its head out of the water.She loved it and thought it was very cute.Well there goes our first post,will write when we get the chance.Our love Rachel and Hamish.x