A few more pictures

Hi we have had a good week, full of the knowledge our trip is coming to an end, which is always bitter sweet. The kids are excited to come home, and so are we but also so sad to leave such special friends and not know when we might see them again. Hamish and I were talking about how we feel like we have two different lives, and when we are either in England or Honduras it feels like home, and its always hard to leave but equally great to be there, its very weird, and a bit unsettling but looking forward to seeing friends and family, though we wish we could bring the gorgeous sunshine and mountains with us! It has been Semana Santa this week(HOLY WEEK),which is the biggest holiday in the central American calendar, there is a party feel in the air, lots of catholic processions with statues and coffins, and music so loud ,my head is full of the rhythms even when its turned off. There are tourists everywhere and the valley has been crowded, yet we went to Teguc the other day and it was like a ghost town, so strange…there was no traffic.
We are going to a sunrise service at the church in the city!that will be a first but should be lovely.Afterwards we are all going to a posh hotel for a buffet breakfast,so we are looking forward to that tomorrow.Happy Easter to all at home,hope you have great celebration services.
Hamish saw a dead horse being driven past our house the other day, you see some bizarre things here. Talking of bizarre things. We went for a meal without the kids and whilst walking back got a bit of hassle from a man who really was way too drunk to harm us.A few minutes later we saw a man on a motor bike all over the road(pitch black) we were laughing saying he looked drunk ,then the iron maiden t shirt gave it away, it was the same guy. We fully expected a heap at the bottom of the hill, but as he approached the final steep hill up to our house he fell to the floor. The road is awful at the moment its just thick dust and nothing can grip. We spent the next few minutes getting him and the bike upright and out of traffics way then he fell in the hedge, it was so funny I couldn’t contain myself.He gave me his helmet and apologised profusely and said he’d been on the local moonshine, whilst Hamish got on his bike trying to start it again.They eventually got it up the hill, and he was very grateful for the help! talk about drunk driving. It was so comical ,he was like Manuel off fawlty towers and a scene as ridiculous but it was true. We see some sights.
Well we set off on Tuesday on a bus to San Pedro Sula for our flights home.Its a long journey back and we have a busy time when we return as we are only home one night then head to Devon for Paul’s wedding.Please pray for a good and safe journey back,don’t like the flying part even though getting through Honduras on a bus is by far the most dangerous bit.We tried to change our tickets to fly out from Teguc but they couldn’t which is a shame,the only disadvantage of cheap tickets.So we will see you soon,take care all our love Rachel and Hamish Seth Darcy and Flora.x