Well we apologise for the lack of photos we have had no success in sending them but will keep trying and will try and send extras soon. Seth had his 13th birthday on Tuesday, we went to a water park near Teguc and had a great time going down water slides some were pretty scary! I think me and Hamish enjoyed them more than the kids. Seth took three of his friends from the finca and they enjoyed it we are now the proud parents of a teenager…..one week in we are surviving! I spent a couple of nights staying in hospital with one of the girls who had an operation, which thankfully went well and she is recovering nicely. We have had loads of forest fires here but the bomberos seem to have diverted most of the danger though some have been pretty fierce, apparently we had an earthquake in the north, we read about it in the paper after the event I am pleased to say we weren’t aware of it. We have had a very busy week and feel rather tired tonight (am writing this whilst a party is going on in our house full of young people celebrating Danilos birthday, we picked up Chinese and there is a huge cake in the fridge!).
We visited Cesar who is director of a school in Guanacaste a rural community which is very poor and cut off from things. Cesar has been working there for three years and has done an amazing job with the school and community there. He has the support from Jenny Cox and team who are the charity CH Trust. They have sent out school supplies including desks and chairs, and a whole host of other things. The community had no electricity but the trust sent out a generator and now college classes can take place after the school day has finished and classes in the evening are teaching parents to read. Cesar has managed skilfully to get parents in the community involved. Parents come in every day to cook food for breaktime,which ensures the children are getting some good nutrition, the whole community seems proud of the benefits of improved education and environment, and it is clear they are working together well to better the whole community. It really was an encouraging thing to witness, and shows how a little aid put into capable hands and people taking responsibility and ownership of it can really make a huge difference. It was refreshing to see a state school doing so well, most of them have absolutely nothing and 1 or 2 teachers teaching every age group in one class with absolutely no resources. I was encouraged that Cesar was doing further study so he could climb the ladder to a position of authority in education in this country and his hearts is to get the school functioning well then go onto a help another one which is great. Both Cesar and the CH trust are doing a great job and may even need your help. Please check out their website if you have anything to donate.
We had a nice afternoon taking some of the older girls swimming at the park. They really appreciated it, we all had fun.
Our two girls were both sick the other day..Perhaps gulping to much water in the pool. They had fevers but got better really quick which was a relief. Our health has been great this trip none of the usual stuff, I think our stomachs are rock solid now.
We haven’t had water in our house this week which has been a challenge its been very hot and dusty our feet look disgusting. We fill up the pilla and throw brown looking water on us the first thing I am gonna do when on English soil is have a hot soak!! We all had a shower this morning it came on!!I was so happy!!it went off again mid morning!!!oh well it means no washing up tonight, we count our blessings.
Sang in church last week, went well, and it’s so refreshing to do something creative. It was Palm Sunday and we all got palms to wave and me and our midwife Northern girl friend from Hull got me giggling till I was crying. There was bits of corn stuff all over the floor from all the kids, and she said” I hope someone’s got a decent hoover,….A Dyson it just made us laugh, it was such a northern thing to say, in the middle of the worship time we were shaking with laughter ,like a couple of naughty kids! We are catching up with more people this week and we are very aware we are soon going home and it’s sad. We are ready to go home in some ways but we will be out again soon we hope. We would love to bring family and friends out here. Well I will get back to the party Danillo has just had his head pushed into the cake(a custom here) now my children are covered in egg icing and we have no water to clean them..Lovely! But they are smiling and making happy memories. Love to all will see you soon. Rachel Hamish and children.