We have taken a week or so off to holiday away from activity for a while.It involved a 9 hour bus ride down to Sambo creek..a sleepy little place near the sea.It is hot down here and even Hamish has succumbed to sun burn.We then took a boat to the Cayos cochinos(hog islands) and stayed for a couple of nights on an island so small you could walk around in 5 mins.It was beautiful and uncommercialized.We sayed in a garifuna community of 17 families and stayed in a hut with 3 single beds no water or electricity.We were given one bucket of fresh water a day to shower in.It had bugs and mosquitos we were glad we had brought a couple of nets,Flora got hysterical the first night as she was bitten by the ants on our sand floor and just got panicky about sleeping in the pitch black..you couldnt see your hand in front of you!The second night was better and cooler and we installed our own ensuite toilet for those night time needs..a tupperware container.The island shared three tilets which you had to flush with a bucket of sea water.It was very basic and very hot but there were only another couple of tourists there.Our kids played with the locals at cards and played tig around all the huts.They had a great time.I ended up having a conversation about the wonders of breastfeeding with a women of 11 children ,had a lovely chat,and we both shared such similar views.We ate rice beans and fish,the kids werent impressed but survived.We watched the men bringing in the fish and gutting them and throwing them to the pelicans.The local people were fantastic.Would love to spend mord time there though I have utmost respect for the simple life I think I would struggle with it long term.Back to sambo creek for a shower(first in 3 days..boy did we need it).Had a good meal and a sleep with air con..luxury.We are heading off somewhere else soon we will catch up soon and hope to put some pics that will make you all want to come to Honduras on soon.Our love to all always great to hear your messages..keep them coming.Rachel and Hamish and Kids.