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My birthday blog
Since I last updated we went with a load of friends to some concrete slides which the kids love. The photos are a bit blurred but it’ll give you an idea of Honduran recreation. Life continues with schoolwork in the mornings when Hamish is doing construction, and then we join him later to spend time walking and spending time with the kids. Lovely to spend time with friends and seeing a wider view of some of the work going on here to improve the prospects of vulnerable kids, and bring lasting and sustainable change. The youth group in the village is great and growing and the feeding programme at the school is fun ,our kids enjoy mixing and playing football with them. We try and take the kids swimming once a week I kid myself its for reasons of PE ,not enjoying topping up the tan or cooling off in the midday heat! We all enjoy it.Well it was my birthday yesterday, cant believe I am now 40! Sounds monumental. Darcy kept interviewing me saying “how does it feel never to be in your thirties again!”(don’t you love kids)The fact is I feel blessed to still be alive ,well ,healthy ,happy and looking forward to the next forty God willing.
I had a very special birthday. I could tell something was afoot as there was lots of group giggling between the kids….but I didn’t know Hamish had planned a night away in Santa Lucia(a most gorgeous sleepy colonial village between our village and Teguc).It was a small hotel with only three rooms(one for me, one for him, one for the dog!!)Only kidding!!It had the most amazing view of the old church in the centre of the village and we had our own balcony .We arrived in the dark and the view of the lights of Tegucigalpa was spectacular. The photos don’t do it justice we were very high up..but hopefully you can see what a beautiful place it was.We ate in a little place and she was trying to be romantic and dim the lights we couldnt see the menu we had to use Hamishs torch,made us giggle. I think the best part was hot water in the shower I had three!!just because I could!!It was very low key and local, after breakfast the hotel owner got me a little picture off the wall to give me as a birthday present, how lovely. Just love the people here. You might wonder what Hamish arranged to do with our three!!they were in on the plot and had tea at our friend Diana’s then another friend Eva took them to her house for the night. Its up in the mountains and has its fair share of animal intruders so the kids LOVE going there(I would be terrified).Eva had killed two scorpions that day and left them for Seth, they are now in our fridge and we will be bringing them through customs…or trying! My son! They then met us in Santa Lucia we had left money for the 30 min bus ride..but they were delighted to tell us they had hitched two rides here in pick up trucks! Responsible babysitters!I was glad to see them and they were excited to give me some lovely Honduran gifts.The peace and tranquillity was somewhat lost but they enjoyed twisting round in the hammock and knocking a plant off the balcony! Our lovely friend from Hull ,Leonie came over and we had food ,drinks and a chat in the park there whilst the kids played .We had a lovely relaxing day. When we got home I soon discovered a bit of a party had been arranged .The whole night people popped in.Munda made the cake and people brought various things.Munda sang me a song as her present saying she didn’t have anything because she has no money but she has love in her heart for me, and we had a bit of a dance around and lots of fun playing card games. I was so touched some of the kids in the orphanage brought clothes and jewellery of their own for me, love their hearts. We had a great evening, and I felt so blessed and loved I couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.Today we went to Teguc for church with another couple and thier kids who are working out here.We had a lovely time and stopped for pizza on the way back which was really tasty.We also had liquados which are pure squeezed fruit drinks we had carrot and orange and maraca(Passionfruit) they were sooo delicious!!We have just got the kids in bed and I am obviously doing this and Hamish is reading.I have sunburnt my legs terribly today..only sat out reading for half an hour without cream..thought I would be ok…wow the pain!!be wearing very long trousers tomorrow I think.Well best go.Oh been asked to write a song about the plight of orphans in Honduras which I am really keen to do.Need some help putting some photos to the music and making it into a powerful little video which can be used to hopefully bring change here.Maybe Richard or Lexie could help me put it together..its a great project and wont be hard to do..just need to write the the words.Then record it somehow.All very exciting.I do miss my piano .Well time for bed .God bless you all Rachel Hamish and clan.x