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Sleeping with the Enemy

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Last night we had an intruder. He was a dark red brown, had a coat of armour on and had some deadly weapons in his hands. He could scale walls like spider man; in fact he was first sighted climbing our wall. Hamish sprung into action (though not quite quick enough) to get a cup to catch him in. He had disappeared! Maybe he’s invisible too. Our intruder was a scorpion, and despite taking curtains down and shaking everything in the room out he seemed to have eluded us, which was most frustrating as we were about to go to bed…..and there are gaps under every door including the front one! Every little noise itch or tickle awoke me from sleep imagining the little scorpion had found me. Not! Impressed I am like a woman possessed looking for it! strange little creatures interesting to look at but very painful to have a close encounter with, even though they are not deadly over here which is a huge consolation. The kids were told this morning and seem to be very amenable with the situation….though are very aware of the need to shake out shoes and clothes before putting them on. Well today is Saturday and we plan to do something nice with our friend Eva as the weather seems a bit better, be nice to get out of the house!!
Well since I last posted an update..We went to the local hotel pool to swim and relax with Eva, though it was way too expensive for what is was it was nice to chill out in the sunshine, though we somewhat overdid it and have some sore bits! Sunday we went to the finca church in the morning, where I enjoyed playing a saxophone with kids who really sing their hears out! Then went to the market to buy bread, and hung around the village square which they call parque central, and drank coke out of plastic bags.We then went down to Tegucigalpa and caught 2 buses to get to the English service of CCI church in the city.I sang what they call a special here, I sang one of my new songs and it went down well and they have asked if I can be more involved in the worship whilst here which would be lovely. The only difficulty is getting up and down the mountain on buses for practice, which is not safe at night and certainly not on my own..Sure we will figure something out.
After the service we went to pizza hut with our friend Leonnie from Hull.Sounds like things are going really well for her and the ministry she is setting up is growing rapidly.We will catch up more this week as we are going for a chat(speaking English…whoopee)and joining her to help with a feeding programme they do.
We have walked miles today up very steep mountains in raging heat,so we now feel tired but a satisfied kind of tired!Its fantastic up there!The kids come back with all sorts of berries and chomp on the coffee.A Honduran friend popped in and had tea with us..only pancakes but with fresh limes they were delicious.
Talking of food myself and Flora found a lovely little cafe that does great Honduran coffee and hot chocolate for Flora. The girl spent ages stirring chocolate ,milk ,fresh squeezed orange and chunks of cinnamon to make the most beautiful hot chocolate ever tasted! Flora said it was the best in the world ,and so much better than star bucks!!(a ton cheaper too!!).
We have been eating good local food and found a great chicken place recommended by a local but if it wasn’t you would probably never eat there..its just a wooden shack that only fits one person in,rustic makes it sound palacial,but she can cook chicken! All our tummies have been holding up ,a few hurried toilet trips but nothing more thankfully. Its off to bed now its 8.30!!Well we are up with the rooster!!hope all is well at home lovely to hear from you…don’t check emails every day, and electricity can be really dodgy at the moment which can be a pain. but now we have water most of the day which is better ,it means we can grab a shower at night ..it used to go off at 9 in the morning and come on in the afternoon for a couple of hours and go off at 5.But we could collect water in buckets and have a shower that way, certainly easier when its coming out of the tap, but its all good fun and great to engage in another way of life for a while.Hamishs mum and sister travelled to India yesterday so if you are reading this have a great time .Have fun and enjoy time together in the sunshine. See you soon, the time is flying by too fast 2 months seems ages but it isn’t. Write more soon when there is more news’s PS. the scorpion is still at large! Rachel and gang.

First Week

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Thought I would fill you in on the comings and goings of our first week. Firstly there has been a cold front of very windy, cold and wet weather, we have brought the great British weather with us, and have been wearing fleeces and duvets at night!!I have never known it so cold here, though the sun is still strong and we still have to be careful not to burn whilst out, as we are at the height of Ben Nevis, and can feel the altitude when walking. We have been taking small groups of children out every afternoon which has been great fun, we walk for hours and miles up and down steep mountains ,its something we love to do its so very beautiful here.
In the mornings I teach our children which has been lovely, they say they would prefer to study at home (not sure mum agrees)and I do the floors which get very dusty and muddy. I have tried washing the clothes on the pilar ,a cement washing slab outside where you rub the clothes with soap and water, its hard work and takes ages, but I am in awe of the Honduran women who do this everyday and their clothes are so white!!I need to practice..But I still think I will be hugging the washing machine when we get back.
Hamish has been helping on the construction site of the new commodore (dining room) and he seems to be enjoying his new found muscles!
Tomorrow we are doing some music in a bible school for children in the village which should be fun; there will be 200 kids there. It’s a talent contest (Honduran x factor I fear) and I will be playing saxophone and talking to the kids about using our talents. So excited to have a sax to play, there is one that works in the orphanage so we have been practising some songs for the orphanage church ,Sunday mornings. This Sunday I am singing in the church in Tegucigalpa and it will be lovely to catch up with friends there.
We are very thankful for our lovely little house up the mountain, and are so blessed that Wendy let us use her new house before she did. They also said we can have anyone round and whilst we are here it is our house. They are such lovely and generous people.
Animal encounters….no nasty creatures in house yet, (apart from mice)though we have all had a fair share of mosquito bites. Seth was picking fleas off a puppy at the farm and I think he brought a couple home to join our family. Both he and Darcy are covered in what look like flea bites..Yuk..But taught him a lesson! I found Flora in the orphanage chasing cows, she thinks they are cute, I`m sure the terrified cows don’t think she is! The kids really love all the wildlife and Seth caught a baby chicken whilst on a walk….he was really pleased with himself until its mother leapt out and pecked him I’ve never seen him jump so much, it was really funny, all the kids were laughing.
We were talking the other night about how relaxed it is here even though people work hard. We are also amazed how early we go to bed and how lovely it is not to be distracted by television, phones and constant internet access. Our bodies seem to just sleep and wake in exactly the right time our bodies need, which is so refreshing and different from the UK, where every minute seems to be filled with activity, and every thought of what to do next.
Everyone is enjoying Honduran food and thankfully the kids enjoy the beans, particularly fried with cheese. Seth is the fussy eater yet happily told me for lunch he `d tried chicken livers which he didn’t like but thought the stomach was fine! Everthing is used here, and rightly so. So mums and Dads at home we obviously should be cooking more offal at home to tempt our fussy kids to eat! With that lovely thought we will leave you. We will hopefully send this tomorrow…electricity pending, we were without power last night. All our love the Macdonald’s.

Here in Tegucigalpa

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Some pics: here

Well the trip to Tegucigalpa was an epic 8 hours due to road works and a terrible accident involving an oil tanker which exploded.We arrived in a dodgy part of town at 9.30 pm and were reunited with friends as they picked us up. The journey up the mountain was our first pick up ride of the trip,the kids were so glad to be back..Pick ups are great fun! Wendy and Alberto took us to their new house (isn’t quite finished and they are moving in in a couple of months!!They are kindly letting us road test it).Its a 2 bed roomed house with electricity, a toilet and cold shower, and for Honduras safe and comfortable. It’s in a pine clad mountain side and although the days are noisy because its still a building site the nights are silent apart from the lovely sound of insects that lull you to sleep. Our first morning we woke up to knocking on our door. It was a workman wanting a spade..it was 7am, it made us laugh, its definitely Honduras. Me and Hamish are sharing a single bed..very cosy! Even though I’m only little I like my space in bed poor Hamish has nearly been knocked to the floor a couple of times. Yesterday we had our first animal invasion of a cute little brown mouse, we chased it out of the house then about an hour later another one appeared Seth caught it like a pro,all good family entertainment, we haven’t missed the TV once yet! We have caught up with lots of friends which has been lovely. We visited the orphanage and got mobbed by a load of children and young people we have got to know over the years, its been fantastic to see them all. The place itself has undergone changes and it looks lovely .The houses the kids live in now are beautiful, a great job has been done on them. We have taken the first few days easy getting used to the sun and heat,Flora running around with her friends despite factor 30 got burnt, it is very hot(wonderful after a cold winter).This morning we were woken by workman wanting cement this time stored in the house,then a little while later a gang of kids from the finca(orphanage) arrived all exited to come and see us. Will send some pis of thier gorgeous little faces. We then went to Mundas house who let all the kids make tortillas.Munda is a lovely lady who works tirelessly for the kids and the church. She and her husband always have a smile and food for anyone who needs it, and is a most inspiring woman, but is now struggling to keep up with all the work necessary to pay the fees for university for her youngest son. These are about 65 pounds a month ,so if anyone would sponsor her I know it would bless her and help her out so much. She has a problem with pain in her knees so the extra work she is now finding difficult, and that amount of money for her is a small fortune. So that is one need, but we are surrounded by so many struggling people on the absolute breadline. Many women have to leave their young children at home alone whilst they go to work to provide food. Life is a daily struggle,there is need everywhere…so if anyone reading this thinks they could help ,even a few pounds per month there is loads of opportunity for it to go straight to the people who need it. Today I have been helping write down the words to a Hannah Montana CD for the teenage girls, and Hamish has been chucking rubble in a pick up truck. We will be taking groups of children walking in the mountains to give them some time doing different things, and its really good for getting to know them better. The girls love singing and it would be nice to teach them some new songs(hopefully not Hannah Montana!)We have been eating the local foods and enjoying it, where we live smells gorgeous of pine trees and cumin and coriander, and the sky is a most amazing blue. We will post photos soon. Honeymoon is over!!Alberto brought us another bed today, we were quite happy to share but bless him its nice to have the space. We are all well and the kids are getting along really well together which is a blessing. We will write again soon to let you know what we are up to, as for now its just gone 8 and we are getting to sleep…we will be up early. Miss you all and really wish you could be here with us. All our love. Rachel Hamish Seth Darcy and Flora.

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