Check out our pics

Hi just thought I would update folk on our whereabouts! We are home and settling back in to Southport. Hamish is working three days a week..and I am looking for paid work at the moment. Hasn’t Britain got even more expensive in this last year! We have been doing lots of walking in some beautiful areas of the I am putting up some photos for our International friends to enjoy! You can’t put on photos how cold it is though! We have climbed Haystacks in the Lakes with my family. And a couple of days ago..Snowdon….my legs have still not recovered! I spent last week at the Elim conference at Pontins in Prestatyn..we had a lot of fun..and the meetings were great. Check out Sy Rogers! Two huge puppets from the kids club came to our chalet to wake us up one morning with waterpistols..very refreshing! All a lot of fun. Settled well back into normal life and we are so thankful the kids have settled back into school with such ease. I am currently doing my peer support training for breastfeeding (a passion of mine alongside music!!!)So hopefully helping women in our community overcome any difficulties they may have. Doing this with a friend..should be good..its certainly needed in our area. I talked at conference to my friend Simon Page..who does promotional things for all sorts of projects. As some of you know..I do lots of song writing, music.. worship leading and stuff and love to serve churches and outreach organizations..but I am so cringy when it comes to promoting what I do..I figured Simon might help me some updates to that..should be happening soon. Simon thought it funny I met him and had a tin of tuna in my bag..(Every mother understands the crazy things that end up in handbags!!) I wrote a song in Honduras called horrible bag..who knows a tin of tuna could end up a lyric on another album! everything is inspiration guys! well I have lots of kids to feed best get on with it…our garden is a child magnet..always at tea time! enjoy the photos..lots of love RachelXX