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Seths Pics

Posted by on 26 Apr 2008 | Tagged as: India, On the road

Hello all..Here are some of Seth’s photos he has taken along the way..Mostly animals..hope you like them. Well…soon we get a train in the middle of the night to Delhi..It is 36hours..Providing there are no delays (very unlikely in India!).Once in Delhi we will have a 4hour drive to the Taj Mahal..and 4hours back in one day..Will be good to see it !then we fly back!!To a land of cool weather and organization..it will be a shock to us all I think. We are spending most of the first week in Cornwall Plymouth and Stroud then hope to get back at the end of that week to let the kids go to school..so we will be in church in Southport the 2nd wk end of May. We are all looking forward to seeing you and cant believe this amazing year of adventure is nearly over..but thankful Hamish has some part time work when we get back..so that will help pay the bills. I don’t know whether we will post another blog in Delhi or when we get home..We will see! Please pray for safe travels for us all over this coming couple of weeks..That we all get back safely! thankyou!love to you all excited to see you all soon! love and God bless Rachel ,Hamish and familyxxxxxxxxx

Seths Pics



India Strange and bizzare news.

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Hello all..well we continue to be amazed by India..I will start with interesting news clips(the news and papers here are most entertaining).In our first week here there was a story of a baby who was born on a train and slipped right through the toilet onto the train tracks of a moving train(see previous Indian toilet picture..to fully imagine!!All goes straight onto the tracks)well they had to stop the train and find the poor baby…who had a rather shocking start in life! and ‘happily ever after ending’ the baby was found ,taken to the hospital and pronounced fine!!the doctors in the hospital said they would fund any medical and school fees the child would need throughout her life..wow what a great story!!lets hope it doesn’t start a trend! Another child had fallen down a bore well..covered with carpets..after 16 hours of digging the 2 yr old was rescued unhurt after a 40ft drop. Another news article..very shocking and sad..it was reporting on the fact that still 6000 children under six in India die every day due to malnutrition and starvation..a sobering thought.

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Spice plantation

Auntie Kirsty brought a surprise for the children to the flat!!the kids ran down to see what it was and all I heard was ELEPHANT! apparently Flora went and asked Kirsty what the surprise was with the elephant standing next to her!!They all had a ride..enjoy the photos! We went to a restaurant which does a carnival night..it was mad, weird masks..King Mamo..micky mouse..an all singing all dancing night..the kids had their faces painted and enjoyed the magician and balloon man..it was ended with African dancers limbo dancing and eating fire!!It was quite a night though totally bizarre!!Today we went to old Goa to see some big churches and a Hindu temple..then onto a spice plantation which was beautiful..seeing how all the spices grow..it was in a lovely place…mangroves with loads of water snakes(Seth was SO thrilled..at least 100 photos of them!)then we all sat on an elephant who gave us a bath and we scrubbed him….fantastic experience..(Enjoy the photos)The kids also rode on a dancing cow this week along the beach..there is nowhere quite like here!!Bus journeys are quite something.. we thought central America was crowded…but we were on a bus that said it could have 11 standing..and there were more than that in the first couple of rows..it was nose to nose squashed…and there was always room for more..I have a pretty high tolerance of uncomfortable and dangerous travel..but I had never seen anything like it..then Kirsty said…if we were in the big cities you would be hanging off the sides and on the roof! its fairly tame here because of the tourists!!We are enjoying the most delicious food and a fab meal for all of us with drinks rarely costs over a fiver..which is a blessing at the end of our trip!!Enjoy the photos..looking forward to seeing you all very soon…love Rachel Hamish and children!!

Ps..it rained last night we got soaked and it was so refreshing!!Soon the cool!!

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More India_ Messing about on the water

Posted by on 16 Apr 2008 | Tagged as: India

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Indian ladies watching the sunset

Hi, a little spare time to keep you updated of our adventures, the children are watching a film and are quiet (a rare moment) oh they have just come through..asking for food(tea was only an hour ago!) and tell me the movies over. Why do kids know to hassle you the minute you sit down to do something..kids are so talented at it!!Well we started the week visiting Coco bay..we ate at a beach shack with sun lounges in the sea..trying to read proved difficult whilst being engulfed in waves..so funny..but what is funnier..it was business as usual for the shack..serving lunch to people ankle deep in water..India is certainly entertaining..you could people watch all day long and never get bored. We went for a boat ride to see the prison and a diamond smugglers house and the main point of the trip was to see dolphins..We were on the lookout!!During the trip the driver stopped the boat to talk to his mate on the phone then asked if we wanted to drive..Hamish jumped at the chance to try and capsize us and make us all sea sick..then the guy asked..(still on his mobile trying to locate flipper and his mates!)does your boy want to drive!!can you imagine the scene in England..tourists pay for a boat trip but driver too busy talking to mates on the phone asks 11 yr old English boy to drive..and giggled with delight as he rocks the boat and terrifies other passengers!!!it is another world and you can imagine this land of no health and safety is a delight to many a mischievous boy(and girls)the kids are loving India!!We eventually saw the dolphins which was fantastic..but glad to have feet on the ground once again. On the downside of lack of health and safety..a young man lost his leg today being hit by a motorbike and 9 people have died in the sea in the last 2 weeks..including some brits..really sad…we enjoy the sea but it is a treacherous strip of coast and we are very careful. There are no life guards and most of the fishermen are non swimmers..also people are very reluctant to help anyone in trouble or help in an accident for fear of being incriminated by the corrupt police if you are there it is generally your fault!!and prison is a likely outcome. On a brighter note Kirsty took me for a most amazing massage..for two hours..steam baths the works…I could have slept for two days..we were massaged with tons of this sweet herbal oil which reminded me of comfort food like butterscotch sauce on sticky toffee pudding..gorgeous..and you could smell it on your skin for ages…all for 12 pounds…it would of cost a fortune in England..lovely. We have been helping at the lighthouse children’s home this week..doing a kind of holiday bible week with them..lots of stories ,crafts ,and games after lunch. It has been lovely to meet all the kids and see such a well run place..They do a great job of making it feel like home…wont show any photos of the kids on the net but will show friends at home and church. We will pop in again over the next couple of weeks..and tomorrow we are going swimming with them..should be fun. Hamish has gone for a cut throat shave..which is great..they do a fantastic job and it is about 50pence..I am enjoying the lack of stubble! Yesterday evening was spent looking round a market ..haggling for the best price is fun…we discovered a stall which sells chocolate brownies..We gorged and felt sick..it was worth it!!Enjoying lots of sunny days at the beach..it is the only way to keep cool..it has suddenly become very humid..last night I took a midnight shower with my PJ`s on to try and cool off. The beach has a good breeze so it is more pleasant than anywhere else. The evenings on the beach is livelier as the Indians come out then..they don’t like the sun..its ace to watch them bathing and washing in thier saris..and see the fishermen sorting out their nets watching the sun go down. Seth found a dead sea snake on the beach..check out the disgusting photos of them draping the poor creature round their necks! Went to church today..great place but again entertaining and typically Indian..love it…great place..tell you about it soon. In all of Asia I have noticed skin whitening cream…moisturizer..with whitening!!and at home its with a hint of tan!!How we all want what we haven’t got!!People make some money off people’s insecurities big time eh! Anyway need to go enjoy the pictures, and soon I will do a blog of Seth’s animal pictures..He has a great eye for it and has taken some great shots so in a few days I will do gallery of Seth’s animal pics!!Love to you all looking forward to seeing you all again our love Rachel Hamish and children. xxxx

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