Well we had a fantastic time in Swan Hill with Mary and Wal! They looked after us so much. We left with heavy hearts!

Swan Hill was hot and dry, but they had a great outdoor pool where the children enjoyed doing stunts off the diving board… and enjoyed watching us try too!

We got involved with a small church there, lovely people, full of faith and made us feel so welcome.

We even met a crazy but lovely (i say crazy in a complimentry way) artist! just before we left. We visited her just as were leaving and saw her work which was fanatastic… I love it, her name is Toni Jessop check her out. She gave us a painting for my CD’s we were both delighted with our swap our painting is gorgeous and will be treasured!

We visited the local art gallery and in the centre was a full size Stienway Grand Piano and Hamish asked if I could play it and I did and they said they would love me to play it any time how brill so been writing some new stuff in an art gallery on a fantastic piano!! I am so blessed!

Left Swan Hill for our friends in South Australia south of Adelaide but we went via the Great Ocean Road. A great drive it was beautiful!! Photos will follow and the Blue lake at Mt Gambier.

Long drives and near the end of our budget so we have been camping!!! and it is OK the kids very excited about it. But the first night was a typical Macdonald tale!!

We camped near a beach and had a walk on the sandhills saw a Kangeroo and then an Echidna( a wierd spikey creature with a large snout…very cute.

So our first night of camping was a spectacular one but for all the wrong reasons!! We settled into our little tent (a warehouse bargain!) on our charity shops (called here Op shops short for oppurtunity shops) blankets and sleeping bags, feeling very pleased with ourselves…..Then our Darcy said she felt sick….well those of you with kids know there are kids you have to lie with and comfort for ages when they feel sick and there are kids who give you a 2 second warning!! Well our daughter is off the latter variety!!!

It exploded like a volcano…over our beds…. you would had thought there was a Croc in our tent at the speed we all got out!!!

After a shower and a major overhaul of availiable clean blankets…we had a cold nights sleep and awoke to pouring rain!!!! It felt like we were in the Lake District!

I do think camping is a necesary evil and most definatly overrated!!

We are now with some friend and have a room to ourselves and a bathroom and been made to feel so welcome… we are thankful toGod for peoples hospitality.

I sang in the church last week and again tomoorow, which is a great oppurtunity to share with other people.

We will write again soon, honest!!