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Happy New Year

Posted by on 31 Dec 2007 | Tagged as: General, On the road, Vanuatu

Hello and happy new year to you all. We flew yesterday from NZ to Vanuatu a group of Islands in the South Pacific..looks lovely but havn`t explored much yet.We are here for a week then back to NZ to catch a flight to OZ.The islands here are ruled by chiefs and you need to get thier permission to go on thier island…totally different way of life..very relaxed..we are pleased it runs on Macdonald time!Looking for a nice place by the water to eat tonight to bring in the new year..never done new year by the beach..think it will be great.It is very hot and wet..we are in rainy is 31 celsius…rainy much of the time..and 80% humidity..hard to sleep..but thankfully have a fan in our room..which helps despite sounding like a helicopter!The children enjoyed mum and dad frantically trying to kill the most enormous flying cochroach sat on the wall near sleeing Flora..I had almost forgotten about tropical sized creatures due to civilized NZ!and what a joy it was to drink water out of a tap!I am thankful the children remain in good health and spirits they have missed home at Christmas time..but are enjoying all the bizarre and wonderful experiences.I hope they will not be too bored when we return..I think it will be an adjustment for them.Oh Hamish got a speeding fine in NZ..rather quiet for the rest of the was his driving!!We all went to hot water beach that low tide you dig a hole in the sand that fills up with boiling thermal water..fantastic the kids loved it.Hope to post some pics of cook islands and New Zealand we have found a good internet cafe in Vanuatu overlooking the had movie night last night..they put up a screen and it was Star Wars..Seth was impressed!so we will post later..thanks for all that write to us..take care Happy New Year the Macdonalds.XXX

Feliz navidad

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Happy christmas blog readers!!

sorry we havn`t updated much we have been travelling many remote places..and as for uploading photos it takes ages..we will sow you some pics of NZ when we get to Austrailia.We have toured the north and south island..great!in the north we got our car broken into and a load of money and all our cards nicked plus all the kids schoolwork..and 4 rugsacks!!well at least we are travelling lighter now which is a big plus!The people are great here and the night after we were robbed a wonderful Maori couple put us up in their home!!they fed us gave us their bed and blessed us!!Hamish met the guy in a petrol station..and we ended up having a much needed break in thier home!God is good to us.In the south we stayed in an old stone miners cottage..full of china…flowers..comfy was like something out of country home and garden..and half the price of a gold mining territory.We met a family in the park..we went to thier house and the kids panned for gold and found exciting!they came to us for a BBQ and we had a lovely time with them..even though the weather was very British that day!Christchurch was a lovely arty town could of stayed there much longer!our cottage was in central the middle of nowhere..the couple who we were renting off were fantastic..he even lent us his gun..we were out on the moors shooting each evening..needless to say my son was in his element!now we are our way back to Auckland!currently staying in a the side of a lake..near nelson..we climbed a mountain yesterday..5 hours..fantastic views..everthing from the waist down hurts today!going to church Christmas morning on the lake..and I have a lovely leg of lamb to roast..but doesn’t feel Christmassy!miss my family and friends lots at the moment ..wish we could be there!We spend the new year on a south pacicific Island make our way up to Auckland for the flight in a couple of days.All very exciting and still a bit scary.Well I reckon everyone should see NZ it is stunning..mountains..snow..sun..beaches..glaciers(very impressive..flora just kept saying wow!)best go in an internet cafe..been here too to you all miss you..and hope you all have a very happy Christmas and new year..God bless Rachel and gang.

New Zealand

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Arrived here through the night and missed a day due to the date line..very weird.So far NZ is England but nicer..more dramatic..the people are so lovely..friendly and helpful.We have hired a car and plan to travel the north for 3weeks and the south Island for the other 2..desperately trying to find accommodation for Christmas time..dont want to be in a motel eating Macdonalds!looking for a remote cottage in the south!Well yesterday the rental car window was smashed..we went for a walk for 10 mins in a forest..and got all our bags robbed out of the boot!We had a very entertaining afternoon with very lovely policemen…down at the nick!Kids found it all very exciting..Seth has mapped out the crime scene in his head and has many ideas of who when what and how!!he wants to be a coroner at the moment!someone told him he would get loads of money!!To cut a boring story short we lost about 700 pounds full of stuff..including cash and credit cards..all the kids bucket and spades(one less thing to carry!)all the kids schoolwork and journals..and 2 really good rugsacks!!and we thought we were moving out of the more dangerous can happen anywhere!we are all fine and that is what is is only money!!at this rate we`ll be home in January!!but God knows!Travel is full of ups and downs..and we are still having a great time..and looking forward to seeing this beautiful country!even our motel has been fantastic..helping us out and he even said to us yesterday if we needed to stay another night due to getting the car fixed he would do it half price which was so nice of him.So the kids are enjoying a pool for another day..and we all have a bed each which is lovely..and loving having hot water and being able to drink the tap water!We are presently in the bay of Islands..which is reminds me of cornwall all homesick and wanted to see my sister!best go..Hamish is at the police station again they think they know who robbed us..but need more evidence to get a search warrant..Seth is with him..helping solve the crime!!write again the Macdonalds!