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Posted by on 19 Sep 2007 | Tagged as: Central America, Honduras

Well since I last wrote we have celebrated the day of the child and independence day..both involve lots of pinatas…sweets..celebrations..and marching bands..our ears are still ringing ..they have been practicing for the last two weeks!! We all had a good time and all the kids loved it! I had the wonderful opportunity of having a cockroach climb down my neck in church…I didn’t do the respectable thing..but instinct took over!! i screamed stood up and detached it far away from me! the kids thought it was funny anyhow!We went to the kids school to support a presentation they were doing and one of the 14 year olds passed me a cup with a tarantella in!I nearly died..Seth was delighted and proceeded to play with it..and asked me could we keep it as a pet for a week or look at my face gave him a straight answer!This week we have all been unwell with various things but are hoping we are all on the mend now.Had a nice day off in Teguc today there are some lovely places…we had food supplies to buy but we wandered round a posh mall…and had lunch..which wasn’t rice and was lovely!Still miss family and friends..funny it strikes at the strangest of moments..but glad for all the great opportunities we are having.Take care I promise to send photos soon..I have some of Hamish’s hair in plaits all over his why doesn’t that surprise any of you!!!all our love Rachel Hamish and clan!

Life in Honduras.

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Well..thankfully the hurricane only amounted to a couple of cold days wind and affected the north coast more but minimal damage and loss of life.Although yesterday there were storms in Teguc and terrible flooding..2 kids and a pregnant woman were killed..the infastructure is so poor and all the rubbish blocks sad.Hamish is out mixing cement as I write… he was aching this morning he tells me in the hope of a massage I think!the houses are going up and looking great.I continue in the de lousing of little’s a creepy job..had head lice crawling over my feet !what I would do for some hot water and a bath!the kids are lovely and it will be nice seeing them not scratching.I am enjoying schooling my kids a little more it is a challenge..but really enjoying the time I`m having with them..making sure they are writing and reading daily ..the one I worry about is Flora..because she only just started school..but she is doing well learning to read with phonics..and its real exciting watching them “get it”.We walk in the mountains with different groups of kids each afternoon..or take them to play footie..its always a good time of fun and getting to know the kids more…Generally our kids come too..and its great seeing how children relate to agendas with culture..race..language..its how it should be.We climbed a mountain path then cut through the fields..visited Don Pablos house(he looks after the other finca where the football field and animals are)we chased chickens petted rabbits..petted spotty pigs(much to Floras delight)and generally enjoyed nature all around us.We scrambled down the mountain..crossed a small river..into the other finca..stroked the horses and cows then then all had a ride on Nuka the bull he is so sweet and affectionate and huge..must get a photo of the kids riding the bull!Then all the kids climbed trees for lemons(the size of grapefruit) and guavas..sadly mango season is over!then all the kids went to get sugar cane..which Pablo expertly strips with a machete..tough hands were tired after one!the kids chew the cane happily all the way home whilst carrying armfuls of fruity treasures…such simple excitement for the kids…they all seem very happy.The kids who sing with me are doing great..learnt two new Spanish songs with them this week..lovely songs..want to take them all back to uk! What a choir they would be!Playing clarinet a lot which is good for me..and writing songs when they pop up in my head!which is frequently at the moment!Flora has started singing whatever she is thinking out can go on and on..its really funny and cute..she is so expressive with her face and will dance at the same time..who am I to stop her creative streak..shes obviously heard her mother shrieking in the shower too often!Been reading some great stuff to wind down in the evening..I love to some John his characters..always fascinating…reading tozer presently `the roots of righteousness..very challenging..also have on the go abook about mission in Africa which is is called..making the blind man lame… there is some funny bits in it they had to teach their children at home for a little while and I laughed at these quotes…here goes…” in it worse than having your teeth itch”…..”homeschooling in my humble opinion was created to punish people who did not appreciate their teachers when they were students”.They made me smile..and feel better on the days that are grim!!Also read a book called 3 cups of tea about a guys work in Pakistan educating girls..fascinating and inspiring story.We met a couple the other are going to think they are crazy..they are walking from north Carolina to Peru..its taken them a year so far!they feel called to missions and have trusted God for everything along the board food…and of course God has provided..they were really normal nice people only been married 2 years…kind of a nice honeymoon! To check out their blog here is the address Our Walk of Faith check them out and encourage them.Off to our friends Leonni`s tonight for tea she is a real break..we always have a nice chillout there which is much needed…we love it here..but it is unmistakingly a hard place to be we often feel quite oppressed by the atmosphere here in almost feels physical..please continue to pray for us..we do miss you all at home…Take care all our love Rachel Hamish and children.

Back in Honduras

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We got safely to central america via Guatamala and bussed it through El was quicker and interesting to see volcanos!!Good to be back in Valle and to see the kids.Hamish is back building..I am teaching the kids in morning then helping with taking kids to football field each afternoon and general washing and playing with children..then I do music in the evening.Life is full…not always can be very draining..but we are glad to be here.Went to a church that has an english service..we are basing ourselves there whilst here it is great full of people involved in such diverse things..and very supportive..we feel very looked after there.The church is huge..they have 6 services in in spanish on a sunday and one on a saturday..which the pastor said is a small meeting of about 600people!!..amazing place..!its great for us to be with english speakers for a while..and the kids enjoy it.Our Spanish is continually frustrating we get by but having a conversation about deeper things is difficult..I study each night to keep improving my vocab..but its like the more you know the more you realise how much more there is to learn..the kids are speaking well now!I enjoyed riding a horse bareback round the finca its a real horsey place..everywhere there are people was lovely..the kids rode too.It was the national day of the child yesterday and the kids had special people come with cake pinatas and gifts it was a happy day.Before I go..we have just heard that a catagory 5 hurricane is due to hit La Ceiba in Honduras in the next 24 hours..the country is bracing itself for floods….I dont believe it!!please pray all will be is so devastating in a poor country…pray the damage will be minimaland it wont be another Mitcth.Our mexican freinds and workers are currently travelling there and onto belize by boat!please pray they will be out of harms way.Thats all for now!take care all who read this..all our love Rachel and Hamish.