Well so much has happened since last posted something, I will try and keep it brief. Our apologies for not responding to every email. We don’t have internet access here in the village. or should I say its so slow, or unreliable. its too frustrating to bother! Will try and post this from

Tegucigalpa ( the capital city. its slightly more civilized!)We have been working hard. Hamish getting up early to.. sort out boys before school then it’s a day of hard graft mixing cement. and helping build houses which are going up fast. it’s a change from the classroom. he is building his muscles. and has a great tan…he also has aching shoulders. and wants plenty TLC off me! he dropped a concrete slab on his thumb today. .splatted !!his nail is black and I think it will come off! Hamish tucks the lads in at night and prays with them .!I teach our kids in the morning( hats off to all the teachers at linnaker!)then do whatever is needed around today I have been playing with the toddlers and delicing them..I have headlice at the moment..gross..but occupational hazard..Hamish wants me in quarantine!We have all had a couple of days of getting intimate with the toilet..but in general our health has been good!I have been singing with a group of girls in the afternoons..they are great..doing really well.and we have done lots of presentations around different churches.The presentations have consited of the girls singing group..the kids doing a brilliant puppet show..which is hilarious..me singing…and they love me playing the clarinet…the jazz version of the old rugged cross is a hit!we are also helping with the worship in the church..etc.The kids come round to our place in the evenings weve had some fun playing cards and just having a laugh with them or watching a film.Our kids have been great..the get fed up of the attention sometimes..but have had so many fab experiences..making tortillas in the kitchen..speaking Spanish..they have found it hard but communicating well now..wish we had a few months more..cos they pick it up really quick!Seth and flora have been bricklaying..Seth has worked very hard..its been great for him actually helping build a house….needless to say the health and safety laws in Honduras are nearly non existent..the kids have had fun.They love riding in the back of a pickup truck down unpaved mountain roads.No seatbelts in cars delighted seth who said “cool.. I love the laws in thiscountry” to which his sister replied..” what laws?” which about sums it up!!!We went to an English service in Teguc which was fab..it has 6 services on Sunday…amazing place very international but has Spanish speaking church also…great set up.We have been so encouraged to meet an Englishwoman..who lives about 10 mins walk awy from us in Valle de angeles!!she is called Leonni and is from Hull..it was so lovely to hear a northern accent!she is a missionary here on her own..she is one brave lady..she is white and blonde..which is not easy here..and she is adopting a most gorgeous boy Joshua!we discovered we know a few of the same people..its so weird!we have had a laugh with her..and had dinner with her..and prayed together….feels like God is in complete control( as of course he is)Leonni is a midwife..and is involved in various ministries..largely with the pregnant kind!!she is completely mad and lovely please when you guys pray for us remember leonni too..( ps she is currently praying for a husband..only drop dead gorgeous millionaires need apply!!!!!)I do love the Spanish songs..some are cheesy but lots have the most beautifully written melodies that are moving even without the words..Alex Grannum..get translating Spanish worship songs!!We have been so blessed here been great to work with the kids..today been practising the song..oh no you never let go..in a roughly translated way..but one of the older girls phoned the radio to ask if they could play it in Spanish..and they did..and they taped it!! Wonderful to see them all singing in fantastic Honduran form..lord you never let go of me…and made me smile that a Matt Redmand song gets airplay in Honduras!Well that’s about it we will be leaving to travel back to guatamala next Tuesday…meeting my parants there..please pray they get there safely they are taking the bus from cancun..Mexico..down through belize and into guatamala too meet us in a place called flores its not that easy when you don’t speak any of the language please pray for a hitch free(not hitch hiking!!) ans safe trip..it should be quite an adventure for them…cant wait to see them..sure we`ll have some interesting posts..of our travel round central America with them!Miss you all love to you God bless Rachel Hamish Seth Darcy and Flora.