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travels and big fat blunders

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Hi Rachel here ..time to catch up !well loved..Tennessee..Nashville and Memphis were great..loads of atmosphere..we walked and walked just watching the goings on…listening to blues…and wishing we had more time in these fab places….went to the mississippi river..great to see.Arkansas we saw a tortoise on the road the kids were delighted we stopped and picked it up!Oaklahoma was another world real cowboys everywhere…and so freindly..with a great accent!so different..then onto Texas..where we found a visitors centre where everyone was just so on the ball and ace..they gave the kids loads of stuff it a car sticker saying D`ont mess with Texas which Flora made up a little song about and sang it for several miles!!We saw an armadillo ace creatures but sadly it was road kill….we didnt stop to pick it up much to our sons dissapointment!!We headed for amarillo…no guesses as to what we sang on the way there( and it was a long way!) and went to a zoo there and a park which was a nice little break.Going through New Mexico was great..I loved it quite bleak as its mostly desert but some amazing rocks and scenery and indian settlements.and a real Spanish flavour which I feel very at home with….lovely wild interesting place..we also visted a volcano and an ice cave.Arizona was just a great place ..I didnt think I could like a desert so much…so hot and spacious and atmospheric..loved it .Everywhere I go I keep saying I could live here!The Painted Desert is stunning..the kids ran around the petrified forest..beautiful trees that have been turned to the most lovely stone..a fascinating place.We got fleeced on accomodation in the Grand Canyon..the cheapest room we could find was $120 we have been paying around $40 as we had driven miles and I wasnt feeling too well we stopped and said we`d drive through the night to LA the next night!The Canyon I cant describe other than it was a moving sight that affects you physically because its so huge and awesome..the kids reactions were wonderful all they kept saying over and over was wow!we spent the whole day there walked for miles and did a trail down into the Canyon which was scary but we did see others do it with kids..which made us feel comforted that it wasn`t just us that were was exilarating to say the least….we saw the sun go down and fell ito the car tired and not wanting to drive 7-10 hours to LA .The kids were sick within 5 mins..and asleep within 15..PHEW!!we made good headway for 5 hours then pulled over to a rest area to sleep…which brings me onto the subject of sleeping in the middle of a hot desert!!Hamish took his sweaty sandals off..believe me in a confined space..was a public health issue..then getting comfy?I had my head and feet in every position possible and nothing was right ….now I am only 4ft 11″ tall or small whichever way you want to look at it so how does my husband manage to be sleeping and snoring in less than 5 minutes? its a gift !I had Flora “wanting mummy” for about an hour wriggling all over me till everypart of my body was typical child style she had the bed whilst I rested my head on the handbrake!!I was dreaming of Norman Bates Motel!! we all awoke 4 hours later to drive through yet more desert onto busy LA in rush hour on an empty stomach…nerves were fraying but we eventually got there!YES.We arrived at my mum and Dads friends house who they Knew from Hayes where I was born..they used to look after me as a baby!they are ace have a real gift of hospitality and we had a lovely sleep..till 11am.We feel so blessed to have got here safely and thank God for that and our car which has done 3500 miles in the last 8 days without a hitch.The radio has been great apart from the abundance of country channels( not against country…in small doses!)some of the sermons on christian channels have been great and very timely….and theres these kind of cheesy channels…which you think are a joke but they are for real!we have laughed!there are these two straight talking agony aunts but they are guys..taking calls from folk and giving advice generally pretty sound..but they are really funny..wouldnt get airplay in England…but we have howled with laughter.Well we come to the finale of the latest blog and anyone who knows and loves us will be worried for a moment then just laugh..cos its so stupid only we could do it!! we have travelled 3000 miles to get here for a flight to Guatamala on a budget airline……we were having a late breakfast when Hamish realised we`d missed it!!WHAT!he had in his mind the flight was 11 but it was 12.45am we had missed it by 12 hours before we realised!!sick to the stomach is how we felt particularly Hamish who is normally so on top of things like this!!( He`s been fantastic if I had organised it it would of gone horribly wrong even in the planning head is generally in some other world)Hamish feels so bad and stupid and cross as we have lost our return flight also and there is no refund..bad news when you are on a budget…$900 down the loo seems such a tragic waste..and the only tickets we have found go on tuesday at $1200 but thats the cheapest so far…..there is no point dwelling on it..and weve had a good old laugh about it …we have to count our blessings we have a few more days in sunny California(which is beautiful…another place I definately would like to live..but prob couldn`t afford)eating good food and supping local red wine…enjoying being alive and happy…leave it there need to snuggle in our comfy bed!love to you all miss you..praying for the youth and thier exams!!Aimee looked so cute on skype emma! God Bless you Please pray we have safe trip to Guatamala and Honduras……when we get there!!!!Rachel and Clan.I will post photos tomorrow.

on the road

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It was sad to leave our freinds in Delaware..we spent a day in Washington checking out some museums and the whitehouse..which was exciting as president Bush was about to land there was lots of police and what looked like FBI on the roof! We travelled to Virginia and walked in the blue ridge mountains..beautiful we also saw a snake on the road .We visited a little town called Lexington which I fell in love galleries ,book shops coffee and ice cream grocery stores all lovely wooden houses in fantastic scenery..I could just live there..but I`d want all my freinds there too..Dawn whittle would like it..I could see it needing a handmade jewellry store..but there is no Primark(its only fault!).Today we woke up in Tenessee right near dollywood …a theme park homage to Dolly Parton!thought of Steve Kenyon! We didnt visit but went out walking in the smokey mountains everyone sounds just like you would imagine…and really tennessee so far!We went up a mountain over 6000ft fantastic views..fab day.everything feels slower and I just want to saver every moment..the day came to a great end by seeing just off the roadside a bear with her cubs ..playing and climbing trees!!wonderfull to see..we were all so excited..a great day marvelling at the beauty of Gods creation.We then came sharply down to earth with another long drive to Nashville…with fighting children!!! they soon calmed down and slept,but woke on arrival to our motel room!Motels here are a bit hit and miss …generally very good cheap and clean and family room great!!but continental breakfast in some of them means a piece of cake or a doughnut !! kids thought they were in heaven having cake for breakfast!!others have been better..waffles bagels and cereals..more choice and we went in a pool for a swim after breakfast had loads of fun!On arrival in Nashville which looked like a really exciting place at wander round places with live music and atmosphere..sadly all I did was wash laundry in the bath!!oh well!!we have about 8 hours drive tommorrow…going through memphis and hopefully get to the next state Arkansas!! thanks for you all keeping in touch were having great time but do miss home and freinds! oh happy 18th birthday to Jon and well done for passing your test!hope your still doing great job with PA!! Here is a photo of our banner and our day in Washington and virginia in the mountains..sorry it is small we dont know why please someone give us some tips!






keep on lookoing on xanga for bigger photos!


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Hi..spent the late afternoon at rehoboth and us had lovely time.Earlier in the day Seth had noticed the nest outside the window with the eggs in had hatched..4 baby chicks..was so lovely to watch as the nest is right outside a downstairs window..we can see the mother bird coming and going and feeding them..its been great to watch..but as we were watching Seth shouted “theres a snake!” and there was climbing up the tree..practically in the nest..a small garter snake we think.We all rushed out trying to catch a snake and protect the baby birds.The snake was so quick..but attempted the nest a couple of times we kept knocking it down.When we returned from the beach the kids wanted check the nest so we looked on the nest through the window with torches..and theres a different snake..with mouth open and a chick in its mouth!!!well they all rushed out( apart from thier wimpy mother whos not too fond of snakes) in the dark and rain..and Hamish managed to catch the snake!! what a man!he was sad he had no camera to take what would have been a fab if not disgusting picture of it swallowing a chick!!Hamish put the snake in a large bin kids so excited Seth kept saying 2 snakes in one day and we have 50 weeks left yet!!(yikes cant wait to see what delights Austrailia will bring!) So the kids now have a pet snake for a couple of days..its a black rat snake..non venomous..all the kids have held it under strict supervision of thier father(mother ran off somewhere) It will be let go shortly! the 3 remaining chicks are doing well..and no snake dare go near them.We saw a british fish and chip shop at the we all sat outside it for a photo! car is running well so far!which is a relief!..tired going to bed Adios love Rachel.Enjoy the photos.x






Please for bigger photos go to… Iam working on getting these bigger on this site..but as my closest freinds know I am an IT disaster ..but learning! !Any tips welcome!!xx oh my kids above are sowing potatoes..if its hard to see …set them to work we say!!

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